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Barwick Roofing carries out chimney repairs, re-building chimneys, rendering chimneys, chimney surveys, chimney removals, and chimney lead works, advice on chimney maintenance and lead work for all types of Houses. Contact Barwick Roofing to have your chimney assessed by the professionals!

Lead is one of the historic roofing materials and it is still in the excess use due to its durability. It is now widely used in roofing in many aspects as it can give a modern development if craved as well as the traditional look in older properties.

Lead is a very ductile material which can be manipulated with hand tools, lead dressers and hammers in too many shapes and intricate areas, with latest techniques lead can be cut and welded into almost all areas. It’s very long-lasting and comes in many thicknesses.

Below are some benefits of using lead roofing.

  • Durability : One of the major advantages of lead roofing is durability, no need to replace for many years.
  • Easy installation : Lead roofing can easily cover awkward shaped roofs, so it becomes easy to install.
  • Recycled : Lead is the most recycled building materials and it also gives stunning look to your roof for lifetime.
  • Low Maintenance : Maintenance Cost for Lead work roofing is very low and it is Flexible in any weather.

There are many types of lead work some of them are listed here

  • Roof coverings
  • Line valley gutters
  • Masonry joists
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Cladding
  • Guttering Applications
  • Damp proof courses
  • Dormer Windows

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